Bronze Member

Bronze Members will be entitled to $5.00 dollars off 2 tidy lawn care packages and 1 free weed kill service. There will be monthly discounts for our tidy lawn care packages, garden maintenance works package and weed spray services. To qualify for this membership, subscribe to our monthly discounted service that will be emailed directly to you. Send us an email with your full name, address and your discount reference code we’ll send back as a reply.

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Silver Member

Silver Members are entitled to monthly giveaway competitions. 2 Free Weed Sprays, monthly discounts, 25% off 1 tidy lawn care package and birthday rewards. To be eligible for this loyal membership 2 referrals with bronze memberships and 10 personal tidy lawn care packages. You will be emailed once you are eligible for this loyal membership.

Gold Member

Congratulations! You are a VIP Gold Member. This will entitle you to birthday rewards, monthly discounts and competitions. $5.00 off every tidy lawn care package, $10 off every garden and lawn works package and 3 Free Weed Sprays per year. To qualify for this premium membership you must have been an existing customer of ours for 20 services and have referred 3 people for an active bronze membership.