Looking for Lawn Care – Must Read –

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If your looking to get your lawns done or even your gardens maintained and rubbish removed please read this carefully.

There are web pages specifically built to intercept people like you and me that are looking for services such as our own here.

They are usually first found on google which isn’t a coincidence because this is what they do to make money. They intercept you

with there very clever well developed websites and then sell us your information. This isn’t just in lawn care but also in other services

in the trading industry too. The prices for the leads can vary depending on how valuable your job is to the small business they are manipulating.

People, to save yourself on a service of any kind. When reading information on a web site, you can see if you have landed on a business page directly.

These are some services we deliver at CRF Property care with the area next to them. Lawn Mowing – Gold Coast, Lawn Mowing – Logan,

Property Care – Gold Coast which includes most yard maintenance such as Debris clean-up, lawns, weeding and weed spray. So if you do find yourself

filling out information to a fictitious business web site which are in fact just a middle man collecting money for a little search engine optimization, expect your quote to be higher

as we have equipment to pay for, fuel, advertising, registrations, insurance and the list goes on. Not just a computer from home with an internet connection.

Call us Direct at CRF Property Care – 0456 762 141.